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Петък, 14 Май 2021 10:12

Construction works for cycling alley from Zone North to Arapya, Tsarevo CB005.2.21.080/02

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The Municipality of Tsarevo intends to award a works contract for construction of the cycling alley from Zone North to Arapya in Tsarevo, Bulgaria with financial assistance from the INTERREG IPA CBC Bulgaria-Turkey Programme. The tender dossier is available for download at http://tsarevo.org/index.php/protzeduri-po-prag or http://www.ipacbc-bgtr.eu/bg/public-tenders

The deadline for submission of tender is 14.07.2021, 16.30 h local time. Possible additional information or clarifications/questions shall be published in Bulgarian national gazette or at the above website.

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